External mentoring would benefit you if:
  • You face a career transition
  • You take on a new demanding role in project management, programme management or in portfolio management
  • You are a director or senior manager concerned with the oversight of project management
  • You are considering major new change initiatives in your organisation
  • You seek added control over your own development
  • You are concerned about the cost-effectiveness of your project management resource
  • You wish to call upon external wisdom and experience
  • You wish to develop more flexibility in your management methods
  • You wish to integrate better your personality and your role
  • You take on a demanding sponsorship role without specific prior training
  • You seek highly discreet counsel
  • You wish to discuss issues and ideas with a good listener outside your organisation

If you tick one or more boxes, then we hope you will contact us.

Mentor Highlight

David Shannon


Read Project magazine's April 2010 profile of David Shannon as one of their top influencers on project management.…