Case Studies

Necessarily much of our work is confidential. Our mentors have achieved their eminence through highly successful and ethical careers.  If you would like a particular reference or recommendation, we will seek to provide such.  Here are some non-traceable examples. 

A professional with a background in project management in a particular sector was seconded into a totally different organisation with a remit to fast-track a demanding national project with many stakeholders. From providing project management advice and support we rapidly developed a mentoring relationship lasting several years during which time many varied projects, from real estate to performance improvement, were successfully delivered.  This client used a variety of development resources including formal external training as well as mentoring. The manager rose to be Director of a large Division.   The relationship continued after this director was transferred to be Chief Executive of another national body.
We successfully mentored a high-flying manager in a major financial institution who faced her first senior project manager role.  This was through regular counsel and advice meetings until the client and her director were confident that she had achieved the step-change in competence required.
We mentored the newly appointed head of quality management in a large organisation   This assignment involved an element of coaching and we worked together on both technical and behavioural aspect of change.  The relationship lasted with decreasing input over two years.  The benefits included many change initiatives delivered by him with confidence.

Mentor Highlight

Charles Willbe


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